Pink blanket. (2018)
Two black shoes and hypodermic needle. (2018)
Foliage. Back pack. (2017)
Clotheshangers. 2019
Persian imitation rug. (2018)
Two socks, draped or fallen.  (2018)
 Ladies’ bra. Hanging. (2017)
 Inflatable mattress, resting against tree. (2017)
Umbrella. Ball. Woman's dress. (2017)
Grey hoodie. Arms out in surrender. (2018)
Two coats. 2019
Knife (2019)
Blue table cloth. Draped, out to dry.  (2018)
Five blankets, nested. (2018)
Women’s dress, sock and flip-flop. By trees.  (2017)
Pink suitcase and umbrella. Open and ready. (2018)
Wine bottles. Tree trunk. (2017)
 Perego stroller. Red flowers. (2017)
Yellow, unidentified, clothing, in state of decomposition, by tree trunk. (2017)
Jack Daniel’s, empty. (2017)
 Blue stripes, long sleeves, at the foot of a tree.  (2017)
Camel colored coat, hanging. (2019)
Pillow and blanket, nested under tree. (2018)
Two pillows. (2017)
Women’s clothing. Draped, gradually. (2017)
"Anything helps". (2017)
Tree trunk. Underwear. (2017)
Man's shirt. Black fleece. Safety net. (2017)
Make up. Tooth paste, hand cream. (2017)
Pink bucket. Cotton t-shirt. Resting.  (2018)
Kid's swimming goggles. (2017)
Plastic bag, hanging. (2017)
Trees. Backpack. (2017)
Men’s Nike shoes. Rice cooker, unplugged. IPhone case.  (2017)
 Blue shirt. Deteriorating. (2018)
 Two-tone blanket and pillow.  (2018)
"Shower". (2018)
Two cups and water. (2018)
Fleece. (2018)
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